The spiritual cure

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Vertaler(s): Abu Rumaysah
Uitgeverij: Dar as-sunnah Publishers
Uitvoering: Paperback
Pagina's: 208
Druk: 2de Druk
Jaar: 2012
ISBN: 1-904336-16-7

Een uitleg van de eerste en openingsurah van de edele quran surah Al fatiha.
De spirituele genezing

Een samenvatting van commentaren van verschillende klassieke geleerden.

Al Baghawi
Ibn 'Atiyyah
Ibn al-jawzi
Al Qurtubi
Ibn al Qayyim
Ibn Kathir
Al Alusi
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Samengesteld en vertaald door abu rumaysah

Surah al Fatiha is the greatest chapter of the Qur'an, its like is not found in the rest of the Book or in the previous scriptures. 
It is a Light that was granted to Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) which had not been granted to any other Prophet or Messenger before him; indeed some of the Salaf stated that when this chapter was revealed, Shaytan let out a great cry of lament. It holds a central position in the daily Prayer hence the daily life of the Muslim.

The underlying theme of al fatihah is one of contemplation and serenity; pondering the Names and Attributes of Allah, pondering the creation and acknowledging that He alone deserves praise and worship, that He alone should be asked for help, that He alone should be feared and hoped in that He alone should be invoked that there is indeed a Day of Judgement and that guidance has come to us and we are required to follow it. 
It calls us to carefully scrutinize our relationship with our Lord: are we living according to the dictates of none has the right to be worshipped save of Allah or not? This opening chapter, despite its brevity, calls man to fulfill the rights of Tawhid, the right that Allah has over us to worship Him alone without any partners, in thirty places. 
This chapter summarizes succinctly the message of the whole Quran.

Owing to the importance of this chapter, this commentary has been collated.
It is a summary of numerous classical commentaries of the Quran, moreover a number of works dealing with 'Lum al-Quran were also referred to.

Exegesis of a fathomless ocean such as the Book of Allah can never be complete and it is a stdy that one undertakes throughout the course of this life.. This commentary is but a tiny portion of the material available in exegesis to this chapter, much has been omitted, much has been summarised, but it should go some way in giving the reader a glimpse at the depth of meaning found therein and at the extent of the efforts or our scholars, may Allah have mercy upon them all, in undertaking the momentous task of explaining the Qur'an.

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